New Year’s Eve 2007

This year Tex Stevens is again (as last year) on the road, so only Shelley, plus Dick and Tammy Keil will be here. In addition, I’ve invited Neal and Carol Cox from the neighborhood.

This year, I wanted to lengthen the dinner and diminish the actual quantity. I don’t know if I achived the second goal, but I nailed the first one.

  French country bread   Pain de campagne  
Quichettes Quichettes Julene made these; they were predictably tasty.
Appetizer plate Amuse-gueules Thin-slices salamis and cheese, eggs mimosa cornichon, crackers.
Mixed salad Mesclun de salades Baby leaves of spinach, raddichio, endive, various other greens.
Vegetable soup Soupe aux légumes Onion, leek, carrot, celery, squash, parsnip, potato with chicken stock, butter and cream.
Green salad Salades
Assorted vegetables Macédoine de légumes Tiny red and white potatoes, Brussells sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots individually seasoned and saut´ed.
Choice standing rib roast Entrecôte de boeuf Pepper-encrusted; I got fancy with the cooking temperatures and time for this 9-pound roast. See cooking-time table in recipe.
Super-stuffed potato Pomme de terre super gangster With caramelized white onion and, in place of the cheese and garlic, I used two Boursin cheeses.
Italian cream cake Gâteau italien This was Julene’s and she incorporated shaved chocolate and pecans into the recipe.