New Year’s Eve 2006

Each year for the last decade or so, we’ve had the pleasure of Tex and Shelley Stevens, Dick and Tammy Keil and, until they moved to Kansas, Alan and Peggy Honey.

This year, we had the added pressure of a new invitee in the person of an Englishman and amateur chef (as unlikely as that would seem). All went quite well except that the guest required me to return the prime rib to the oven and burn it to medium (I kept a nice, rare piece back for me). The menu was...

  Homemade artisan bread   Pains
  Appetizer plate   Œufs mimosa, mozarella, tranches d’avocat,
cornichon et tomates à l’aïl
  Green salad   Salades
  Bruschette   Bruschette
  Marinated duck   Maigret de canard
  Prime rib   Entrecôte de boeuf
  Potatoes dauphine   Pommes de terre dauphines
  Vegetable medley of carrots, broccoli,
cauliflower, zucchini, crook neck,
Brussels sprouts
  Pot pourri de légumes : carrottes, broccoli,
chouxfleur, zucchini, autre courgettes,
choux de Bruxelles
  Blueberry ice cream   Glace aux myrtilles
  Chocolate mousse   Mousse au chocolat