New Year’s Eve 2007

This year Tex Stevens is again (as in 2005) on the road, so only his wife, Shelley, plus Dick and Tammy Keil will be here. In addition, I invited Pen and Julie Hollist from up the street.

Yeah, I know it looks funny to serve salad and cheese before the main courses, but Americans won’t eat them if you serve them afterwards. I think the reason that the French and Italians eat salad at the end is because the ancient Romans and Egyptians took advantage of the natural opiate-like substance lactucarium, present in all types of lettuce, to induce sleep.

  French country bread   Pain de campagne
  Bacon-wrapped shrimp   Ecrevettes habillées en lardons
  Green salad   Salades
  Brie   Brie
  Lamb rib fantasy plate
    one lamb rib lying on a bed
    of capellini garnished with a
    cherry tomato, a slice of
    zucchini, a chili with bacon
    and parmiggiano regiano
  Côte d’agneau garnie
  Prime rib   Entrecôte de boeuf
  Jacketed baked potato   Pomme de terre gangster
  Green beans with garlic   Haricots verts à l’aïl
  Baked Alaska   Omelette norvégienne
  Chocolate mousse   Mousse au chocolat