Recipe cribsheets

Feel free to download and print these recipe cribsheets. I tape them up inside cabinet doors. This frees me, for my most frequently executed recipes, from having to resort to my website since, most of the time, I just need not to forget an ingredient or a crucial quantity.

File format

These are LibreOffice Draw files. LibreOffice is a spectacular suite of products that, unless you're an extreme expert in the matter, duplicate all the features of Microsoft Office. This office suite downloads and runs on any computer, not just ones running Windows. Best of all, it's free.

So, just install LibreOffice, download these files by clicking them, and you've got the basis of your own, custom crib sheets with a few great recipes already which you can modify or use to copy and transform into your own selection. Once you have installed LibreOffice, just double-clicking these downloaded files will launch the appropriate application (Draw) of the suite.

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