Pork Shoulder

This should have a more whimsical name, but you’ll never taste a better meat dish if a little pedestrian in nature.


  large pork shoulder (Boston or picnic), boneless if possible
spices (I suggest thyme)
mashed potatoes


1. Trim the roast of any skin or excess fat, but leave as much fat as is seemly. Brown it in a pot, add stock or water to 1/3 way. Add salt, pepper, spices. Braise in pot in 300° oven until fork tender (as long as 7 hours depending on weight). Halfway through, add lots of fine-sliced onions.

2. Remove from oven, cool, decant brasing liquid, then refrigerate roast overnight.

3. Slice roast. It will be very fat. Leave slices together, place with onions, apple slices and some of the liquid in a 350° oven for 40 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, reduce braising liquid to a sauce (add wine if desired). Serve slices over mashed potato with sauce.