Pico de gallo

Pico de gallo (literally, rooster’s beak) is a garnish made from chopped tomato, onion, and chiles (typically serranos or jalapeños, but I often use pasillos to avoid the heat).

Other ingredients can also be added, such as lime juice (limón in Mexico), cilantro (coriander leaves or Mexican parsley), avocado, cucumber, radishes, green onions, etc.

Pico de gallo can be used in much the same way as other salsas or chutneys, but since it is less liquid (though the older it gets the more liquid it becomes especially due to the addition of salt), it can also be used as a main ingredient in dishes such as tacos and fajitas.

In Mexico, pico de gallo is sometimes known as salsa mexicana where the dominant colors red (tomato), white (onion) and green (chiles) are the colors of the Mexican flag.


  1 lb. tomatoes
  1 medium onion, finely diced
  1-2 chiles, finely chopped (Anaheim, jalapeño, etc.)
  2 cloves garlic
  1 tsp lime zest
  3 tbsp lime juice
other, optional ingredients
  6 tbsp cilantro
  pinch salt to taste


Dice tomatoes, onion and chiles. Mince garlic. Toss all ingredients and serve.