Pasta alla Norcina

Seen on America's Test Kitchen

ground pork, store-bought, no spices
baking soda
¾ cup cream
½ cup white
lemon juice
salt brine with soda (changes pH, makes juicier) Fold pork into brine, let rest 10 minutes. Into sausage 6" patty Sear both sides 2 minutes each Pulse to fine Chop sausage Oil Mushrooms Salt Reduce Rosemary Garlic Drain pasta, repot (keep water 3/4) Cream and sausage into sauce Sauce into pasta Water if needed Plate


1. Make a brine with salt and baking soda, which changes the pork's pH making it juicier because negative ions repluse other negative ions weakening the bonds that make the meat tighter. Let sit 20 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, pulse mushrooms until fine-chopped in food processor. Reduce in oil with a bit of salt, fine-chopped rosemary and minced garlic, deglazing with the wine.

3. Set pasta to boil. When done, keep back a cup of water, return pasta to pot.

4. Fold garlic, fine-chopped rosemary and nutmeg into sausage, make a patty and sear both sides in very hot skillet 2 minutes per side (won't be cooked through). Remove from heat and cut into strips, then crosswise. Put into sauce with cream.

5. Add sauce and sausage to pasta. Add in pecorino and toss, add parsley and lemon juice. If too dry, add back some of the pasta water.

Plate and serve.