Oven-roasted Chicken

This makes a light dinner that is easily and quickly prepared in 1½ hours during which only ½ hour is spent in actual preparation (assuming an apple pie on hand).

Sourdough Bread To be served especially at beginning of meal. Standard American sliced bread or even what usually passes for French bread here, which contains sugar, milk, butter or oil and egg, ill-compliments most appetizers which are themselves savory rather than sweet. As a substitute, try the boule de campagne which also contains none of these "cake" ingredients.
Eggs Mimosa Hard-boiled egg halves filled with mayonnaise and placed on a serving tray garnished with lettuce; run yokes through garlic press over the tray. Sprinkle with fresh-ground pepper and/or minute amounts of paprika for color. See Eggs Mimosa. Serve with sourdough bread.
Roast Chicken Roast upright after rubbing with olive oil, mustard, salt, pepper and thyme.
Potatoes Pan-roasted, diced potatoes seasoned with salt, pepper, rosemary and onions added just before the browning point. The potatoes should not be prepared too far in advance; they take about 20 minutes at most and should only sit during eating of the appetizer course (oeufs mimosa).
Green Vegetable Choose without strong taste to avoid overpowering chicken.
Apple pie
Drink Serve meal with well-diluted white grape or apple juice.