Dosai (South Indian crêpes)

I love these things and, for my cœliac friends and family, they contain no wheat flour. This is my third try at dosa. I have made it with rice and a garden variety lentil from my grocery store shelf and it was so-so. I made it from a video recipe from and it was horrible. The present recipe is from a friend who’s from South India.

A great garnish is tamarind chutney, or the thick Knorr® sauce you see pictured below.


  3 parts rice
  1 part split urad daal
  cooking oil


1. Wash rice and daal thoroughly. Soak in separate containers filling to 2" above ingredients with clean water. Cover and leave out at ambient temperature over night or at least a few hours.

2. Drain water from ingredients and puree in blender or food processor until very smooth paste. Mix rice and urad together. Add back in a little water until it becomes like pancake batter.

3. Set aside (out of refrigerator) over night or longer to ferment. It will bubble a bit, but probably not get too excited. Commercial preparations use a chemical leavening because they ship as a powder. Homemade is wet, so this would be hard to do.

4. Do not heat your non-stick pan. Oil it by spreading a small amount using an onion cut in half.

5. Measure out a small amount, perhaps ¼ cup of batter, and pour it in the pan. Use a ramekin or a stainless steel measuring cup to spread the batter around. Then (and only then) turn on the gas to cook it.

6. Pour a bit of cooking oil onto the crêpe and spread it again using a spatula. (They say to do this; I do not at this point.)

7. Allow to brown. Flip and flip back if desired (not necessary). Spread some potato masala, then fold as desired. Serve with a chutney like tamarind.