Chocolate Truffles

The ingredient amounts given here are only to establish proportions. The actual amounts used are determined by the desired yield. In the area I live in, the only place to get a variety of excellent chocolate is Shepherd's Candy in the strip mall at the bottom of the hill on State Street.

The result is a center for dipping or molding into chocolate.
Truffle Filling
  6 cups premium chocolate (melted)
1 cup whipping cream (scalded)
- desired flavoring (orange, mint, ground hazelnut, etc.)
Fold ingredients together. Pour into (individual piece) molds for later dipping. Alternatively, set aside 2-3 hours or overnight for rolling into balls and dip or for use as centers in molded chocolates.
3 cups premium dipping chocolate (melted)
Hand dip the truffle centers or coat molds and let harden, insert truffle centers and top off with dipping chocolate.
Dust hand-dipped balls before they set up too much with powdered bakers' chocolate for an authentic French-style truffle.