Cheese Crisp

A tasty Mexican treat for 4. Can even be used as a main dish. Mix in even more than two cheeses. For a similar, but lighter dish, check out (the) El Bandito. You might want to read that recipe anyway as it’s been used more, carefully adjusted and a shopping list is provided. In that case, I would suggest adding another 2 pounds of jack cheese to the list for serving 20 plus, of course, doubling the number of tortillas. Then do your math for how many you really need.


  8 large-format flour tortillas
  ½ lb cheddar cheese, grated
  ½ lb jack cheese, grated
  1 tiny can green chilis/chili sauce
  2 medium tomatoes
  1 medium onion
  ½-1 lb cooked, shredded chicken
  ½ head iceberg lettuce
  minced jalapeños (optional)
  cilantro (optional)
  6 tbsp sour cream
  1 or 2 avocados made into guacamole
  salsa (optional)
  lemon or lime wedges (optional)


1. Create a mise en place of all the garnish to go on the cheese crisp: lettuce, chopped peppers, diced tomatoes and onions, etc. Prepare the guacamole and sour cream.

2. Lightly (deep-fat) fry the tortillas in very hot oil and flatten out.

3. Using an oven-proof plate for each cheese crisp, lay one tortilla down, sprinkle to suit with cheeses, add the chicken and green chili sauce. Cover with second tortilla. Sprinkle top tortilla lightly with cheeses and place in hot oven or under broiler for a few minutes taking care not to burn, but to melt the inside cheeses.

4. After cheeses melt, remove from oven and garnish with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, chilis, cilantro, sour cream, guacamole, salsa lemon wedge, etc. Serve immediately. The previously fried tortilla will be crispy and easy to cut; there is no need to precut as if a quesadilla.

Serve plate with a sharp knife and a fork.