Café Rio Burrito

At the Café Rio in town, they server a "Pork Barbacoa" burrito, simply pulled pork with a small amount of barbecue sauce.

It is not necessary to smoke the pulled pork as much as the recipe referred to here, but simply ensure that it cook long enough (in the crock pot is best to avoid drying out) to pull. If there is too much smoke or too much barbecue sauce, it will overwhelm the burrito.

This is more a list of ingredients than a recipe. I simply dissected one of these at the restaurant and made notes. You'll have to determine the quantities and put it together yourself.


  large flour tortilla
  pulled pork; see recipe, however, theirs did not appear to be smoked
  good grade barbecue sauce
  lime rice (I have no particular recipe for this)
  black beans
  grated jack cheese
  jack cheese on top (an option I like)
  chili verde sauce to smother; option at Café Rio
  pico de gallo (I have no particular recipe for this)
  sour cream
  guacamole; see recipe

Reheat the tortilla until "marked" by heat (brown spots appear). Place appropriate quantities of pulled pork mixed well with a tiny bit of barbecue sauce, rice, black beans well drained and grated cheese. Roll into burrito and sprinkle with more cheese and/or add smothering sauce. Pass under broiler or in hot oven to consolidate the whole.

Garnish on plate with pico de gallo in a bed of lettuce and add dollups of sour cream and guacamole. Serve hot, eat with knife and fork.