My Favorite Recipes

It’s not like I really missed my calling: I am a software engineer. Or maybe I should have gone on in college to become a professor of classical or French literature, but I just didn’t do that. Yet I’ve always loved to cook. I certainly can’t oil-paint and, despite half a dozen saxophones, clarinets, oboes and guitars in the closet, I’m a grossly incompetent musician. But, what I can do is cook. And it’s a fulfilling calling because there’s no lack of willing on-lookers: everyone’s up for enjoying food most of the time. So, here’s my recipe site.

Despite the .com of my domain name, this is not a commercial website. If you wish to contact me, I can be reached by clicking on my picture at the right. So far, I have always answered my mail.

All recipes are my own unless otherwise noted. For the most part, I go to the trouble to list only recipes that I have tried, made successfully, or am in the midst of experimenting upon. I add to these recipes at an average rate of 2-3 per month. I mostly cook from ingredient lists rather than actual recipes, but I try to turn my experience into a recipe for the purposes of this site.

On my site you will find breads and quick-breads, main courses and side dishes, barbecue, desserts, chocolate-making, seasonal dishes, South of the Border, Indian and Far Eastern, plus a section on principles, tools and techniques. A few recipes are illustrated, most with my own pictures, but others with ones I’ve ripped off from the Internet when more convenient.

Some of the more difficult- or critical-to-make recipes should be read through a couple of times before starting. Beyond that, a good mise en place is important depending on the complexity of the dish and will lessen frustration besides proving that you have your arms all the way around the recipe before starting.

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Some of the more practical or everyday recipes are elaborated and contain tips. These are not always distinguishable, but I have made a very serious effort to create recixes for some basic things that do work. For example, if you really want to make edible biscuits (unlike the rather nasty ones you got the last time you tried before giving up and deciding you don’t like biscuits after all), go to the Breads/Quick Breads page and examine the biscuit and scone recipes I have there. For another example, check out my pot roast recipe and follow it carefully. You will not be disappointed.

The Principles page contains some very preachy rants and some of the rants elsewhere are very preachy too. These are my opinions and are not meant to offend.